San Marcos

San Marcos has continued our ministry by Zoom and Facebook live since the beginning of the pandemic Compline services on Wednesday and Sunday services every week, we had the opportunity to stay connected and pray with our members and Abbott House kids to keep our spirituality during this difficult time.

We did the Lent services every Wednesday with the prayers of the Stations of the Cross to our Spanish speaking congregation. The most important day was having Father Matt celebrating the Easter Sunday service in person on the labyrinth for first time after a year, and then we started the outdoor Sunday services in May. With the attendance of some members in person and Abbot House kids, also services have been on Zoom and Facebook live for those who cannot come in person.

Christ Church San Marcos has the opportunity to keep helping the Abbot House children who come seeking refuge and are fleeing there homes due to violence and poverty in their countries, we received them every Sunday to praise God and share with them snacks, and fellowship, they also participated in the summer music concerts.

We also had bilingual services together for Pentecost and the Bishop Visitation. Then the Church building was open in September to worship in the building. This past Christmas with the support of our Church members and Father Bill we provided a Christmas gathering and presents. They leave Abbot House to be reunited with their families in the U S and are very happy to have been able to come to this church where they are welcomed by our church members as Christian brothers and sisters. Also, some of them keep in contact with Mario to ask for advice or just to say hello and send thankful messages to us as church.