Clothing Closet/Venta de Ropa

The primary mission of the Clothing Closet is to the people nearby who need clothes but cannot afford to pay normal retail prices.  Others we help include new immigrants with ‘cold weather clothes’ and the Abbott House ‘kids,’ children who come across the border waiting to be united with their sponsors here in the States. We also take clothes to: Love in Action in Yorktown Heights that sells every day to those in need, and to St. Christopher’s House at Graymoor to provide wardrobes for men starting on the road to recovery.  Some of the best women’s wear has gone to Dress for Success and the bed linens have helped at animal shelters.

This ministry is always looking for donations of clean clothes in good condition and volunteers to help fold and hang clothes for sale.

The Clothing Closet is open 1 Saturday a month, always the second Saturday after the Food Pantry sale. Check the calendar for the next sale!