Christ Episcopal Church and San Marcos
Tarrytown, NY

Who We Are

We are young, we are elderly; we are straight, we are gay; we are couples, we are singles; we speak English, we speak Spanish; we are traditional and non-traditional family units; we are long time church members, we are just starting our spiritual journeys; and together we are the Christ Church family.  

We are blessed with a beautiful historic church and chapel in the heart of Tarrytown, NY. From our incredible stained glass windows to our pipe organ, Christ Church is recognized for its dramatic architecture and interior space, high quality musical and theatrical offerings and prophetic voice in both word and sacrament.  We celebrate and embrace a wide range of people, ages, beliefs and needs.  For the most part, we dress casually.  We welcome you to join in worship, classes, prayer and all our other activities.  Or just stop by to sit and reflect 

Below are some quotes from people as to what draws them to Christ Church.

I came to hear Susan and fell in love with the people.
Ken Davies.

I never had a church where I have felt so loved and you are such an ecletic bunch - which I like very much.
Joyce Greene.

I was drawn to Christ Church 10 years ago when I felt the need to become more familiar with members of my town community. I was immediately drawn to the warmth of those who welcomed me. The worship felt sincere, yet not overly formal. Over these years, friendships, corporate support, and the allowance for individuality have kept me [involved]. I am grateful for the presence of God within others that is very much alive and active in this place of worship.
Cynthia Barr-Pfeffer.

When I stepped into the church for the first time last year, I saw Susan, the priest, preaching in the center aisle, and she was literally dancing with joy. I knew right then I would be back to find out more about this place.
Don Schuster.