Christ Church, Tarrytown Lego Bethlehem Project

Lego Bethlehem Project 

The Christian Formation class (grade 6+) were challenged to make the Village of Bethlehem using just Legos.
And, in the process learned a lot about how a village was constructed and operated.


The Unveiling

CF teachers, Mary Millan and Elizabeth Hiden unveil the Bethlehem Project to the congregation.
James describes the layout, the structures in the village, what everything was made of and set the social scene.

The Never-ending Story

Matthew describes the spiritual side of the project. He asks the questions:
"Why was Jesus born in such a poor place?"
"Was he tryig to tell us something?"

Food in the time of Jesus

Bobby describes the types of food and how they were served.

Structure: Marriage, Family & Hospitality

What were buildings made up of?
How did marriage, children and seniors interact in the family?
Hospitality always!

The Village

The Nativity Scene Courtyard. Animals are shown to depict the typical village.