Diversity & Inclusion


In an increasingly diverse America, race continues to divide us because of unconscious bias, willful blindness, deeply ingrained systems of oppression, and the burdens of history we have yet to address. Founded April 29, 2015, Rivertowns Episcopal Parishes Action on Inclusion and Race (REPAIR) is a community of Westchester citizens determined to play our part in bringing healing and justice to our society . . . starting with the local Episcopal churches in which many of us worship.

REPAIR’s mission: Addressing racial justice in the Westchester rivertowns. Our activities include: continuing education and dialogue; self-evaluation of our churches and their inclusion practices; studying our local communities and supporting community groups working for racial justice; and offering Christian witness on behalf of inclusion and racial justice.

REPAIR is led by an informal, self-selected group of laypeople and clergy from all of the communities served by our churches. We welcome people of all faith traditions, spiritual seekers, and those with no spiritual or religious affiliation.