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Last Week's Schedule
For week ending Sunday, 26 Jan 2020

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9:00-9:30 am Morning Prayer, in the library
12 noon The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
        at the Foster Memorial AME Zion Church, 90 Wildey Street, Tarrytown
2:00 pm - Prayer Service at Tarry Hall.
1:30 pm - Prayer Service at Kendal-on-Hudson.
7:00 pm - Steel Passion rehearsal, parish hall.
7:00 pm - Grupo de Oracion y La Santa Misa, chapel
7:15 pm   Choir rehearsal, undercroft.
4:00-6:00 pm - Clothing Closet, Folding.
Midnight Run. We meet at the Presbyterian Church, Irvington kitchen at 6:45 p.m. to help prepare about 125-150 sandwiches until about 8:30 p.m. Then, we move over to the next-door St. Barnabas Episcopal Church fellowship hall to pack food, snacks, beverage, personal items and clothing until 9, after which we pack the cars and travel by 9:30 p.m. down to 4-5 designated stops in Manhattan, assigned by Midnight Run HQ. In NYC, we distribute food and clothing to the needy, homeless folks who come by. We have in the past returned around 1:00 a.m. Carpooling is encouraged.
Please contact Lynne Shafer for more info.
We welcome you to join our team!

A “Midnight Run” box will be in the narthex for much appreciated donations. Please consider donating any travel-size toiletry items and/or dark-color backpacks or carry bags to our Midnight Run.
Third Sunday after Epiphany
10:00 am - Morning Prayer
Old Testament: Isaiah 9:1-4
Book of Psalms: Psalm 27:1, 5-13
New Testament: 1 Cor. 1:10-18
The Gospel: Matthew 4:12-23

You are always welcome to keep your children with you; a play area with toys is available in the side chapel.
Nursery care is available in the undercroft for ages 1-1st grade.
Godly Play available for children entering 2nd-5th grade, undercroft.
Youth Christian Formation (6-8th grades), in the teen-room/Library.
11:15 am - Book Club Discussion
THE UNDERTAKING Life Studies From the Dismal Trade by Thomas Lynch.

Thomas Lynch is an undertaker and a poet. When he tells the tales of things he has seen -- the late night “removals” he's performed, the children he buried while his own kids grew up, the bedrooms he painted so the surviving spouse wouldn’t sleep beneath the shotgun’s evidence -- those stories are riveting. A quote from the book:
A man I work with named Wesley Rice, once spent all of one day and all night carefully piecing together the parts of a girl's cranium. She'd been murdered by a madman with a baseball bat. ... Instead of declaring 'Closed Casket", he started working. Eighteen hours later the girl's mother, who had pleaded to see her, saw her. She was dead, to be sure, and damaged; but her face was hers again, not the madman's version. Wesley Rice had not raised her from the dead nor hidden the hard facts, but he had given her back to her mother.
12:30 pm - La oracion de la Manana
2:00 pm - Abbott House youth ministry

7:00 pm - Candlelight Evensong, chapel
A brief service of chanted prayer and scripture to close the day.
All are welcome.


Feb. 2
Annual Meeting and brunch, (following the 10am Service).
Note that the 10:00 service is a joint English/Spanish service.
Feb. 8
10:00-3:00 pm - All Parish Workshop
Our gifts and vision. For Christ Church & San Marcos.
Asset Based Community Development; led by Jenny Grant, officer at the Episcopal Church for Global Relations and Networking.
Sign up at church- or email
Feb. 16
11:30 am - Usher Workshop
New and Experienced ushers please attend.

4:00 pm - Parish Talent Show.
Altar Flowers for Sunday Mornings
An Altar Flower Book is in the narthex for Sunday flowers “In Memory Of” or “In Thanksgiving For”. If you would like to remember someone or in gratitude for someone choose a date and fill out the form. Your flower donation will be on the Altar on that date.

Altar Flower donations are $40, which may be placed in the offering plate or in the parish office. Please write check to Christ Church (notation Memorial Flowers) Any questions may be directed to Lita Porter, Altar Guild Chair.
Prayer Requests
Requests for inclusion in the public prayers can be made to the Rev. Susan Copley at or call 631-2074. The prayers will be included in next Sunday's service, remembered at daily Morning Prayer, and forwarded to the members of the prayer chain.

Prayer requests that are for the prayer chain only should be sent to Cindy Pfeffer.

Stained Glass Window

Healer Window - RH panel. Jesus knocking on the soul's door.