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Tarrytown, NY

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Date Sermon Preacher Listen/Text
2020-03-08 You Must Let Go Susan Copley Watch
2020-02-16 Are We Persons of Integrity Susan Copley Watch
2020-02-09 ABCD at Christ Church. Jenny Grant Watch
2020-02-02 Rectors Review of 2019. Susan Copley Watch
2020-01-26 I Have A Dream. Chancel Drama Watch
2020-01-19 Follow the Drinking Gourd. Susan Copley Watch
2020-01-05 Creche Interrupted. Susan Copley Watch
2019-12-24 Christmas Sermon. Susan Copley Watch
2019-12-22 Joseph the Unsung Hero. Susan Copley Watch
2019-12-08 Life in the Wilderness or the Trenches of Guatamala.. Megan Copley Read
2019-12-01 Offer an Arm. Susan Copley Watch
2019-11-24 Christ the King - His Greatest Gift: Forgiveness.
Cristo Rey: su mayor regalo es el perdón.
Susan Copley Watch

2019-11-17 You are Loved and Safe and You are HOME. Susan Copley Watch
2019-11-10 Children of the Resurrection. Chancel Drama Watch
2019-11-03 BE the Message Susan Copley Watch
2019-10-20 My Superhero trumps Your Superhero. Chancel Drama Watch
2019-10-13 The Cúcuta Bridge The Rev. Glenda McQueen Watch
2019-10-06 The Revenge Business Susan Copley Watch
2019-09-29 Chasm Crossers Susan Copley Watch
2019-09-22 Too Many Debts for Us to Handle? Susan Copley Watch
2019-09-15 Lost! Susan Copley Watch
2019-06-23 Demons. Susan Copley Watch
2019-06-16 Trinity Sunday: Love Flows In and Love Flows Out. Susan Copley Watch
2019-06-02 You are the Answer to Jesus' Prayer. Susan Copley Watch
2019-05-26 There can be No Bystanders. Susan Copley Listen
2019-05-12 Mothers Day Sermon. Susan Copley Watch
2019-05-05 Peter - On the Couch. Chancel Drama Watch
2019-04-21 Easter Sermon. Susan Copley Watch
2019-03-31 All of you is welcome here. Susan Copley Watch
2019-03-30 Beyond a Binary God. Tara Soughers Watch
2019-03-24 Death is not the worse thing that can happen to you. Susan Copley Watch
2019-03-17 Aria de Jerusalem Chancel Drama Watch
2019-03-10 We Belong to the Land. Evie Vernon Watch
2019-03-03 The Dazzling Christ is to dazzle in YOU. Susan Copley Listen
2019-02-24 To Love when it is unbearably hard. Susan Copley Watch
2019-01-27 Review of CCSM in 2018 - Sermon Susan Copley Watch
2019-01-20 Arise. Shine. Is your light shining? David Copley Read
2019-01-13 You feel Beloved - do those you meet? Susan Copley Watch
2018-12-16 The Good News of John the Baptist Bp. Mary Glasspool Watch
2018-12-09 Prepare ye the Way Susan Copley Watch
2018-11-18 The Beloved Community Now Susan Copley Watch
2018-10-28 Baptism Sermon. Ask and Give Susan Copley Watch
2018-10-14 We start with Relationships Jenny Grant Watch
2018-09-30 What is it to be distinctly Christian? Susan Copley Watch
2018-09-16 The Way of Jesus? Susan Copley Watch
2018-07-15 The Way of Love Susan Copley Watch
2018-06-24 Time Travelers Chancel Drama Watch
2018-06-17 How to live Fathers Day, every day. Susan Copley Watch
2018-06-03 Jesus vs. Pharisees Susan Copley Watch
2018-05-20 Love is the Only Way Susan Copley Watch
2018-04-29 What is to prevent me from belonging? Susan Copley Watch
2018-04-22 Do you hear the call? Susan Copley Watch
2018-04-08 Peace be with You Susan Copley Watch
2018-03-11 Our Journey Susan Copley Watch
2018-03-04 Jesus' Anger Kristin Saylor Watch
2018-02-25 Redemptive Violence Susan Copley Watch
2018-02-11 It Takes a Community Elizabeth Boe Watch
2018-02-04 Our Core Values Susan Copley Watch
2018-01-28 Annual Report from the Rector Susan Copley Watch
2018-01-14 Are we Available? Susan Copley Watch Listen
2017-12-24 Christmas Eve service & Sermon Susan Copley Watch
2017-12-17 Quest. Chancel Drama Watch
2017-12-10 Prepare the Way of the Lord... Susan Copley Watch
2017-12-03 Are we awake? Susan Copley Watch
2017-11-19 Are You in Darkness? Susan Copley Watch
2017-11-05 You & You & You belong and are welcomed. Susan Copley Watch
2017-10-22 Struggle for Justice in El Salvador David Morales with Manny Aluma Watch
2017-10-01 Greatness Susan Copley & Peter Bartlett Watch
2017-09-24 TEAM. Chancel Drama Watch
2017-09-03 Confessions of a Judgemental Priest Susan Copley Watch
2017-08-06 A mountaintop experience and what comes after. Carole Johannsen Read
2017-07-30 A listening heart. Carole Johannsen Read
2017-07-16 There is No Condemnation Susan Copley Watch
2017-05-28 Are we the answer to Jesus' prayer? Susan Copley Watch
2017-05-07 Dare we follow the shepherd? Susan Copley Watch
2017-04-30 Where is your GPS (Baptism Sermon) Susan Copley Watch
2017-04-16 Easter Sermon Susan Copley Watch
2017-03-12 The White Mouse. Chancel Drama Watch
2017-03-05 Resis-tance Susan Copley Watch
2017-02-26 HICE Interrogates Jesus Susan Copley Watch
2017-02-19 The difficulty of praying for our enemies. John Farrell Watch
2017-02-05 How do we as a multi-cultural congregation go deeper? Altagracia Perez-Bullard Watch
Una iglesia dos idiomas, trabajando juntos. Altagracia Perez-Bullard Ver
2017-01-29 Christ Church Blessings 2016 Susan Copley Watch
2017-01-22 Love Everyone - and Pay the Price Susan Copley Watch
2017-01-15 What are YOU looking for? Susan Copley Listen
2017-01-08 Epiphany Pageant. San Marcos Watch
2017-01-01 The Work of Christmas. Chancel Drama Watch
2016-12-18 Can we 'Be like Joseph'? Susan Copley Listen
2016-12-11 Are You the One? Chris McCloud Watch
2016-12-04 Welcome Jon Baptista. 1st Generation Performers Watch
2016-11-27 We must be ready (to say sorry and forgive) All the time. Susan Copley Watch
2016-11-13 Ejemplo de Jesús en estos tiempos. hermano Josép Mira
2016-11-13 By your endurance you will gain your souls. Br. Bernard Watch
2016-11-06 One Bride for Seven Brothers Susan Copley Watch
2016-10-30 Hour of Power! Susan Copley Watch
2016-10-23 Harvest. Chancel Drama Watch
2016-10_02 Why do you make me see wrong-doing and look at trouble? Hannah Perls Read
2016-09-25 A Cautionary Tale. Chancel Drama Watch
2016-09-18 In the Name of God, the Merciful. Paul-Gordon Chandler Read
2016-09-04 We are Family. Susan Copley Listen
2016-08-21 Jesus SEEs you. Do we see him? Chris Jones Listen
2016-07-31 Where are we living? In the clinging or the flinging? Susan Copley Listen
2016-07-10 The Plumb-line and the Samaritan. Susan Copley Listen
2016-07-03 This weekend we celebrate Independence Day. David Copley Read
2016-06-26 We are all missionaries - but especially these. Stephanie Speller Listen
2016-06-19 How will we stand up? Susan Listen
2016-05-15 Church's birthday - where we are now. Susan Listen
2016-05-01 Journeys: Paul's, Mine, Yours Susan Listen
2016-04-17 The shepherd calls us in many ways - are we listening? Susan Listen
2016-04-10 He's chipped but worth keeping. Susan Listen
2016-04-03 Thomas on a Ski Weekend. Betsy Roadman Read
2016-03-27 2016 Easter Sermon. Susan Listen
2016-03-13 When control slips away and chaos swirls, remember "You know - God's got this." Chris Jones Listen
2016-03-06 The Prodigal Son - IN YOUR FACE Susan Listen
2016-02-21 With our arms open wide. Susan Listen
2016-02-09 This Lent; Pull Away and Lean In. Susan Listen
2016-02-07 Salvation takes an instant, sanctification takes a lifetime. Joanne Izzo Listen
2016-01-31 Love is what we are created for. Betsy Roadman Read
2016-01-24 2016 Annual Meeting Sermon. Susan Listen
2016-01-17 Indiscriminately welcoming... guilty as charged. Susan Listen
2016-01-03 Simeon and Anna speak of Anger and Hope, which gives us a Fierce Heart. Joanne Izzo Listen
2015-12-24 Be not afraid, for tonight, from now on, God IS with us. Joanne Izzo Listen
2015-12-20 In case of emergency; Magnify the Lord. Chris Jones Listen
2015-12-06 "Imagine". Susan Listen
2015-11-29 My words will not pass away. Joanne Izzo Listen
2015-11-22 "Jesus, you've gone too far." Jesus always goes too far; can we? Susan Listen
2015-11-15 Be still and know that I am God Betsy Roadman Read
2015-11-08 Ruth & Generosity Joanne Izzo Listen
2015-11-01 Who are the Saints? Are you one, perhaps? Susan Listen
2015-10-25 Jesus asks; "What can I do for you?" Joanne Izzo Listen
2015-10-18 I claim shotgun! Betsy Roadman Listen
2015-10-04 Beyond permissible to POSSIBLE. Susan Listen
2015-09-27 Save, raised and forgiven - Jesus our healer working in our midst. Joanne Izzo Listen
2015-09-06 Who really let the dogs out? Joanne Izzo Listen
2015-08-30 Love trumps tradition. Chris Jones Listen
2015-08-09 Our spiritual heart joins us all together. Chris Jones, reflection on being God parent. Listen
2015-07-19 We are all missionaries - learn from the washing machine. Rt Rev. Stacy Sauls - to departing missionaries Listen
2015-07-05 When I am weak, then I am strong. Joanne Read
2015-06-28 How do we live the Gospel Story Joanne Read
2015-05-24 Pentecost Sermon Susan Watch
2015-05-17 Joy of Baptism vs. the Limitations, Vulnerability and Joy of Life in a Sling. Susan Listen
2015-04-26 Wait a minute; "Lay down your life". MY Life? Susan Listen
2015-04-15 Seeing is Believing? Chancel Drama Listen
2015-04-05 Easter Sermon Susan Listen
2015-03-08 Life at church is rich and free but costs everything Susan Listen
2015-01-25 Celebramos (Annual Meeting) Susan Listen
2014-12-28 Holy Innocents all around us. Susan Listen
2014-12-21 Are we waiting for God or is God waiting for us? Joanne Listen
2014-12-07 WE are the Roadworks Crew Susan Listen
2014-11-30 In this devastated world, we are waiting. Joanne Listen
2014-11-23 Miss Johnson reminds us all. Rev. Chris Jones Listen
2014-11-16 I was afraid, so I hid.   (What do WE hide?) Joanne Listen
2014-10-05 Press on? Be with. Susan Listen
2014-09-21 Love and generosity admit no lateness. Betsy Roadman Listen
2014-09-14 Let my people go! Joanne Izzo Listen
2014-08-31 Curious? God will provide your burning bush. Joanne Izzo Listen
2014-08-24 Keys to the Kingdom Chancel Drama Listen
2014-08-17 Your life is your legend. How is your legend? Carole Johannsen Listen
2014-08-10 Conditional faith cheats only ourselves. Carole Johannsen Read
2014-07-20 What will we do with the weeds inside of us? Joanne Izzo Listen
2014-07-06 The Lightness of the Yoke of Love Joanne Izzo Listen
2014-06-29 Shackled in our safe and comfortable caves. David Copley Listen
2014-06-22 What is family? Stacy Sauls Read
2014-06-15 Commissioned from the font to expand, include and break down walls. Joanne Listen
2014-06-08 Living Pentecost is more than the decorations. How far will we go? Susan Listen
2014-05-25 I'll pray for anyone ... except them. Susan Listen
2014-05-18 Who's in? Who's out?  None of us are that powerful. Susan Listen
2014-04-27 Jesus cannot be blocked by locked doors. Joanne Read
2014-03-30 Why the pool of Siloam. Joanne Listen
2014-03-16 You really matter, as the bible tells us so. Joanne Listen
2014-03-09 Be vulnerable before God Betsy Roadman Read
2014-02-23 Turn the other cheek... and meet the holy in those we find most difficult. Susan 10:00 Listen
2014-02-09 You are the salt of the earth... so pour it on. Susan Listen
2014-01-26 2013 at Christ Church -
          how we are all called.
Susan Watch
2013-12-08 For whom are YOU 'John the Baptist'? Susan Listen
2013-12-01 Salvation, Sanctification and Service Joanne Read
2013-11-24 Coming Out (Chancel Drama) Howard Watch
2013-11-03 Who are the saints? Joanne Listen
2013-10-27 Whenever we refer to 'the other' - we are lost. Susan Listen
2013-10-06 Faith and Forgiveness: Tightly bound. Joanne Izzo Watch
2013-09-29 Getting our sight back, and seeing Lazarus in our path each day. Betsy Roadman Listen
2013-09-15 Being lost. Being found. Susan Listen
2013-08-18 A vision: Beyond Nice. Susan Listen
2013-08-11 Making miracles, each day. Joanne Izzo Listen
2013-08-04 "Greed is Good" Chancel Drama Listen
2013-07-28 Ways to become a missionary Hannah Perls Listen
2013-06-23 When love comes to town The Venerable William C. Parnell Read
2013-05-05 If you want to help me, then you're wasting your time, BUT if ... Susan Listen
2013-04-14 Where are you being called to be Ananias. Susan Listen
2013-04-07 Love, when we are hurting most. Betsy Roadman Listen
2013-03-31 Easter: What will we do for love? Susan Listen
2013-03-10 Unconditional love: how can we handle it? Susan Listen
2013-03-03 If the fig tree bears fruit it won't be cut down. Will you bear fruit a year from this Lent? Joanne Izzo Listen Read
2013-02-24 Then THIS is how you stand. Susan Listen
2013-02-17 The Way. Bring it on home, this Lent. Betsy Roadman Read
2013-02-10 A Mountain-top experience. Don't miss it. Then Listen. Susan Listen
2013-02-03 Come join me in our un-comfort zone. Joanne Izzo Listen
2013-01-13 God does not abandon his creation - even if WE have little hope. Rev. Betsy Roadman Listen
2012-12-23 How to step out from our fear and be ambassadors for Christ. Joanne Izzo Listen
2012-12-09 Gettting ready - Taking a sledgehammer to our encrustations Susan Listen
2012-12-02 God shows up when we least expect it. Will you be the answer to someone's prayer? Susan Listen
2012-11-18 If I don't die in there - PROVOKE me to love. Susan Listen
2012-11-11 Kenosis via Babette's Feast Rev. Betsy Roadman Text
2012-10-28 Meet Bartimaeus Rev. Betsy Roadman Text
2012-10-14 Animanse. Get fired up. Noah Bullock Text
2012-10-07 What really matters. Susan Listen
2012-09-30 The slippery slope. Susan Listen
2012-09-23 Sometimes God has a dirty bottom. Susan Listen
2012-09-23 Chancel Drama - Invisible
Some people just don't count enough to be seen, or do they?.
Howard Lipson Listen
2012-09-09 Jesus needs a vacation; the Syrophoenician woman tears grace from Jesus when he is not yet ready. Susan Listen
2012-07-22 The Tour de France and what it takes to really be a team member. Susan Listen
2012-07-01 Jesus includes us all, equally. Susan Listen
2012-05-20 Gods mission: Our mission David Copley Listen
2012-04-22 We are witnesses Susan Listen
2012-04-08 It's all about God Susan Listen
2012-03-25 Do this in remembrance of me, of Oscar, of Trayvon, of George and of Robert. Susan Listen
2012-03-11 Jesus overturns the Purity System - will we? Rev. Betsy Roadman Listen
2012-03-04 Jesus' message was radical when he preached it, and it is just as radical today. Robin Denney Text
2012-02-26 God cares for ALL of creation and ALL of us. Susan Listen
2012-02-22 Ash Wednesday: Can you get all the way down here, God? Susan Listen
2012-02-05 Who can suffer willingly? Only someone in love. Susan Listen
2012-01-29 Demons cannot stay in Jesus' presence. Susan Listen
2012-01-22 Get up Jonah. Get up people. God has work for us. This is what we have been doing in 2011. Now get up 2020 is coming fast. Susan Listen
2011-12-04 I want things to stay the way they are. It's liturgy and the temple that are important. Susan Listen
2011-11-20 It is not our ability or piety but our care for the least of these that endear us to God. Rev. Betsy Roadman Listen
2011-11-13 Let us not be afraid but be bold with what we have been given. Susan Listen
2011-11-06 What is baptism on this All Saints Sunday? Susan Listen
2011-10-23 Forgiveness - like we've never heard it before! Michael Lapsley Listen
2011-10-09 Christ Church - What are we? Susan Listen
2011-09-18 Gratitude and Growth in the face of Sadness. Susan Listen
2011-09-11 Rembering to Love. Susan Text
2011-08-21 Pebbles. Carole Johannsen Listen
2011-07-03 We have heavy burdens - so take on the yoke to make them light. Susan Listen
2011-06-12 Pentecost Service - Joint English-Spanish Celebration. Susan, Steel Passion and everyone else Listen
2011-06-05 What we believe about Jesus does not threaten anyone but living a faithful witness is threatening. Susan Listen
2011-05-29 Are you living the life that wants to live in you? Susan Listen
2011-05-22 You are a chosen race, .... God's own people. David Listen
2011-05-01 We can lock our doors but Jesus can still get in. Susan Listen
2011-04-24 Easter Day Entirely fearless, absurdly happy and always in trouble. Susan Listen
2011-04-10 Resurrected life; hard, time-consuming and the only way to live. Rev. Betsy Roadman Text
Stained Glass Window

Pilgrim welcomed by Angels. Center panel from 1890's illustration