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Date Sermon Preacher Listen/Text
2020-01-19 Follow the Drinking Gourd. Susan Copley Watch
2020-01-05 Creche Interrupted. Susan Copley Watch
2019-12-24 Christmas Sermon. Susan Copley Watch
2019-12-22 Joseph the Unsung Hero. Susan Copley Watch
2019-12-08 Life in the Wilderness or the Trenches of Guatamala.. Megan Copley Read
2019-12-01 Offer an Arm. Susan Copley Watch
2019-11-24 Christ the King - His Greatest Gift: Forgiveness.
Cristo Rey: su mayor regalo es el perdón.
Susan Copley Watch

2019-11-17 You are Loved and Safe and You are HOME. Susan Copley Watch
2019-11-10 Children of the Resurrection. Chancel Drama Watch
2019-11-03 BE the Message Susan Copley Watch
2019-10-20 My Superhero trumps Your Superhero. Chancel Drama Watch
2019-10-13 The Cúcuta Bridge The Rev. Glenda McQueen Watch
2019-10-06 The Revenge Business Susan Copley Watch
2019-09-29 Chasm Crossers Susan Copley Watch
2019-09-22 Too Many Debts for Us to Handle? Susan Copley Watch
2019-09-15 Lost! Susan Copley Watch
2019-06-23 Demons. Susan Copley Watch
2019-06-16 Trinity Sunday: Love Flows In and Love Flows Out. Susan Copley Watch
2019-06-02 You are the Answer to Jesus' Prayer. Susan Copley Watch
2019-05-26 There can be No Bystanders. Susan Copley Listen
2019-05-12 Mothers Day Sermon. Susan Copley Watch
2019-05-05 Peter - On the Couch. Chancel Drama Watch
2019-04-21 Easter Sermon. Susan Copley Watch
2019-03-31 All of you is welcome here. Susan Copley Watch
2019-03-30 Beyond a Binary God. Tara Soughers Watch
2019-03-24 Death is not the worse thing that can happen to you. Susan Copley Watch
2019-03-17 Aria de Jerusalem Chancel Drama Watch
2019-03-10 We Belong to the Land. Evie Vernon Watch
2019-03-03 The Dazzling Christ is to dazzle in YOU. Susan Copley Listen
2019-02-24 To Love when it is unbearably hard. Susan Copley Watch
2019-01-27 Review of CCSM in 2018 - Sermon Susan Copley Watch
2019-01-20 Arise. Shine. Is your light shining? David Copley Read
2019-01-13 You feel Beloved - do those you meet? Susan Copley Watch
2018-12-16 The Good News of John the Baptist Bp. Mary Glasspool Watch
2018-12-09 Prepare ye the Way Susan Copley Watch
2018-11-18 The Beloved Community Now Susan Copley Watch
2018-10-28 Baptism Sermon. Ask and Give Susan Copley Watch
2018-10-14 We start with Relationships Jenny Grant Watch
2018-09-30 What is it to be distinctly Christian? Susan Copley Watch
2018-09-16 The Way of Jesus? Susan Copley Watch
2018-07-15 The Way of Love Susan Copley Watch
2018-06-24 Time Travelers Chancel Drama Watch
2018-06-17 How to live Fathers Day, every day. Susan Copley Watch
2018-06-03 Jesus vs. Pharisees Susan Copley Watch
2018-05-20 Love is the Only Way Susan Copley Watch
2018-04-29 What is to prevent me from belonging? Susan Copley Watch
2018-04-22 Do you hear the call? Susan Copley Watch
2018-04-08 Peace be with You Susan Copley Watch
2018-03-11 Our Journey Susan Copley Watch
2018-03-04 Jesus' Anger Kristin Saylor Watch
2018-02-25 Redemptive Violence Susan Copley Watch
2018-02-11 It Takes a Community Elizabeth Boe Watch
2018-02-04 Our Core Values Susan Copley Watch
2018-01-28 Annual Report from the Rector Susan Copley Watch
2018-01-14 Are we Available? Susan Copley Watch Listen
2017-12-24 Christmas Eve service & Sermon Susan Copley Watch
2017-12-17 Quest. Chancel Drama Watch
2017-12-10 Prepare the Way of the Lord... Susan Copley Watch
2017-12-03 Are we awake? Susan Copley Watch
2017-11-19 Are You in Darkness? Susan Copley Watch
2017-11-05 You & You & You belong and are welcomed. Susan Copley Watch
2017-10-22 Struggle for Justice in El Salvador David Morales with Manny Aluma Watch
2017-10-01 Greatness Susan Copley & Peter Bartlett Watch
2017-09-24 TEAM. Chancel Drama Watch
2017-09-03 Confessions of a Judgemental Priest Susan Copley Watch
2017-08-06 A mountaintop experience and what comes after. Carole Johannsen Read
2017-07-30 A listening heart. Carole Johannsen Read
2017-07-16 There is No Condemnation Susan Copley Watch
2017-05-28 Are we the answer to Jesus' prayer? Susan Copley Watch
2017-05-07 Dare we follow the shepherd? Susan Copley Watch
2017-04-30 Where is your GPS (Baptism Sermon) Susan Copley Watch
2017-04-16 Easter Sermon Susan Copley Watch
2017-03-12 The White Mouse. Chancel Drama Watch
2017-03-05 Resis-tance Susan Copley Watch
2017-02-26 HICE Interrogates Jesus Susan Copley Watch
2017-02-19 The difficulty of praying for our enemies. John Farrell Watch
2017-02-05 How do we as a multi-cultural congregation go deeper? Altagracia Perez-Bullard Watch
Una iglesia dos idiomas, trabajando juntos. Altagracia Perez-Bullard Ver
2017-01-29 Christ Church Blessings 2016 Susan Copley Watch
2017-01-22 Love Everyone - and Pay the Price Susan Copley Watch
2017-01-15 What are YOU looking for? Susan Copley Listen
2017-01-08 Epiphany Pageant. San Marcos Watch
2017-01-01 The Work of Christmas. Chancel Drama Watch
2016-12-18 Can we 'Be like Joseph'? Susan Copley Listen
2016-12-11 Are You the One? Chris McCloud Watch
2016-12-04 Welcome Jon Baptista. 1st Generation Performers Watch
2016-11-27 We must be ready (to say sorry and forgive) All the time. Susan Copley Watch
2016-11-13 Ejemplo de Jesús en estos tiempos. hermano Josép Mira
2016-11-13 By your endurance you will gain your souls. Br. Bernard Watch
2016-11-06 One Bride for Seven Brothers Susan Copley Watch
2016-10-30 Hour of Power! Susan Copley Watch
2016-10-23 Harvest. Chancel Drama Watch
2016-10_02 Why do you make me see wrong-doing and look at trouble? Hannah Perls Read
2016-09-25 A Cautionary Tale. Chancel Drama Watch
2016-09-18 In the Name of God, the Merciful. Paul-Gordon Chandler Read
2016-09-04 We are Family. Susan Copley Listen
2016-08-21 Jesus SEEs you. Do we see him? Chris Jones Listen
2016-07-31 Where are we living? In the clinging or the flinging? Susan Copley Listen
2016-07-10 The Plumb-line and the Samaritan. Susan Copley Listen
2016-07-03 This weekend we celebrate Independence Day. David Copley Read
2016-06-26 We are all missionaries - but especially these. Stephanie Speller Listen
2016-06-19 How will we stand up? Susan Listen
2016-05-15 Church's birthday - where we are now. Susan Listen
2016-05-01 Journeys: Paul's, Mine, Yours Susan Listen
2016-04-17 The shepherd calls us in many ways - are we listening? Susan Listen
2016-04-10 He's chipped but worth keeping. Susan Listen
2016-04-03 Thomas on a Ski Weekend. Betsy Roadman Read
2016-03-27 2016 Easter Sermon. Susan Listen
2016-03-13 When control slips away and chaos swirls, remember "You know - God's got this." Chris Jones Listen
2016-03-06 The Prodigal Son - IN YOUR FACE Susan Listen
2016-02-21 With our arms open wide. Susan Listen
2016-02-09 This Lent; Pull Away and Lean In. Susan Listen
2016-02-07 Salvation takes an instant, sanctification takes a lifetime. Joanne Izzo Listen
2016-01-31 Love is what we are created for. Betsy Roadman Read
2016-01-24 2016 Annual Meeting Sermon. Susan Listen
2016-01-17 Indiscriminately welcoming... guilty as charged. Susan Listen
2016-01-03 Simeon and Anna speak of Anger and Hope, which gives us a Fierce Heart. Joanne Izzo Listen
2015-12-24 Be not afraid, for tonight, from now on, God IS with us. Joanne Izzo Listen
2015-12-20 In case of emergency; Magnify the Lord. Chris Jones Listen
2015-12-06 "Imagine". Susan Listen
2015-11-29 My words will not pass away. Joanne Izzo Listen
2015-11-22 "Jesus, you've gone too far." Jesus always goes too far; can we? Susan Listen
2015-11-15 Be still and know that I am God Betsy Roadman Read
2015-11-08 Ruth & Generosity Joanne Izzo Listen
2015-11-01 Who are the Saints? Are you one, perhaps? Susan Listen
2015-10-25 Jesus asks; "What can I do for you?" Joanne Izzo Listen
2015-10-18 I claim shotgun! Betsy Roadman Listen
2015-10-04 Beyond permissible to POSSIBLE. Susan Listen
2015-09-27 Save, raised and forgiven - Jesus our healer working in our midst. Joanne Izzo Listen
2015-09-06 Who really let the dogs out? Joanne Izzo Listen
2015-08-30 Love trumps tradition. Chris Jones Listen
2015-08-09 Our spiritual heart joins us all together. Chris Jones, reflection on being God parent. Listen
2015-07-19 We are all missionaries - learn from the washing machine. Rt Rev. Stacy Sauls - to departing missionaries Listen
2015-07-05 When I am weak, then I am strong. Joanne Read
2015-06-28 How do we live the Gospel Story Joanne Read
2015-05-24 Pentecost Sermon Susan Watch
2015-05-17 Joy of Baptism vs. the Limitations, Vulnerability and Joy of Life in a Sling. Susan Listen
2015-04-26 Wait a minute; "Lay down your life". MY Life? Susan Listen
2015-04-15 Seeing is Believing? Chancel Drama Listen
2015-04-05 Easter Sermon Susan Listen
2015-03-08 Life at church is rich and free but costs everything Susan Listen
2015-01-25 Celebramos (Annual Meeting) Susan Listen
2014-12-28 Holy Innocents all around us. Susan Listen
2014-12-21 Are we waiting for God or is God waiting for us? Joanne Listen
2014-12-07 WE are the Roadworks Crew Susan Listen
2014-11-30 In this devastated world, we are waiting. Joanne Listen
2014-11-23 Miss Johnson reminds us all. Rev. Chris Jones Listen
2014-11-16 I was afraid, so I hid.   (What do WE hide?) Joanne Listen
2014-10-05 Press on? Be with. Susan Listen
2014-09-21 Love and generosity admit no lateness. Betsy Roadman Listen
2014-09-14 Let my people go! Joanne Izzo Listen
2014-08-31 Curious? God will provide your burning bush. Joanne Izzo Listen
2014-08-24 Keys to the Kingdom Chancel Drama Listen
2014-08-17 Your life is your legend. How is your legend? Carole Johannsen Listen
2014-08-10 Conditional faith cheats only ourselves. Carole Johannsen Read
2014-07-20 What will we do with the weeds inside of us? Joanne Izzo Listen
2014-07-06 The Lightness of the Yoke of Love Joanne Izzo Listen
2014-06-29 Shackled in our safe and comfortable caves. David Copley Listen
2014-06-22 What is family? Stacy Sauls Read
2014-06-15 Commissioned from the font to expand, include and break down walls. Joanne Listen
2014-06-08 Living Pentecost is more than the decorations. How far will we go? Susan Listen
2014-05-25 I'll pray for anyone ... except them. Susan Listen
2014-05-18 Who's in? Who's out?  None of us are that powerful. Susan Listen
2014-04-27 Jesus cannot be blocked by locked doors. Joanne Read
2014-03-30 Why the pool of Siloam. Joanne Listen
2014-03-16 You really matter, as the bible tells us so. Joanne Listen
2014-03-09 Be vulnerable before God Betsy Roadman Read
2014-02-23 Turn the other cheek... and meet the holy in those we find most difficult. Susan 10:00 Listen
2014-02-09 You are the salt of the earth... so pour it on. Susan Listen
2014-01-26 2013 at Christ Church -
          how we are all called.
Susan Watch
2013-12-08 For whom are YOU 'John the Baptist'? Susan Listen
2013-12-01 Salvation, Sanctification and Service Joanne Read
2013-11-24 Coming Out (Chancel Drama) Howard Watch
2013-11-03 Who are the saints? Joanne Listen
2013-10-27 Whenever we refer to 'the other' - we are lost. Susan Listen
2013-10-06 Faith and Forgiveness: Tightly bound. Joanne Izzo Watch
2013-09-29 Getting our sight back, and seeing Lazarus in our path each day. Betsy Roadman Listen
2013-09-15 Being lost. Being found. Susan Listen
2013-08-18 A vision: Beyond Nice. Susan Listen
2013-08-11 Making miracles, each day. Joanne Izzo Listen
2013-08-04 "Greed is Good" Chancel Drama Listen
2013-07-28 Ways to become a missionary Hannah Perls Listen
2013-06-23 When love comes to town The Venerable William C. Parnell Read
2013-05-05 If you want to help me, then you're wasting your time, BUT if ... Susan Listen
2013-04-14 Where are you being called to be Ananias. Susan Listen
2013-04-07 Love, when we are hurting most. Betsy Roadman Listen
2013-03-31 Easter: What will we do for love? Susan Listen
2013-03-10 Unconditional love: how can we handle it? Susan Listen
2013-03-03 If the fig tree bears fruit it won't be cut down. Will you bear fruit a year from this Lent? Joanne Izzo Listen Read
2013-02-24 Then THIS is how you stand. Susan Listen
2013-02-17 The Way. Bring it on home, this Lent. Betsy Roadman Read
2013-02-10 A Mountain-top experience. Don't miss it. Then Listen. Susan Listen
2013-02-03 Come join me in our un-comfort zone. Joanne Izzo Listen
2013-01-13 God does not abandon his creation - even if WE have little hope. Rev. Betsy Roadman Listen
2012-12-23 How to step out from our fear and be ambassadors for Christ. Joanne Izzo Listen
2012-12-09 Gettting ready - Taking a sledgehammer to our encrustations Susan Listen
2012-12-02 God shows up when we least expect it. Will you be the answer to someone's prayer? Susan Listen
2012-11-18 If I don't die in there - PROVOKE me to love. Susan Listen
2012-11-11 Kenosis via Babette's Feast Rev. Betsy Roadman Text
2012-10-28 Meet Bartimaeus Rev. Betsy Roadman Text
2012-10-14 Animanse. Get fired up. Noah Bullock Text
2012-10-07 What really matters. Susan Listen
2012-09-30 The slippery slope. Susan Listen
2012-09-23 Sometimes God has a dirty bottom. Susan Listen
2012-09-23 Chancel Drama - Invisible
Some people just don't count enough to be seen, or do they?.
Howard Lipson Listen
2012-09-09 Jesus needs a vacation; the Syrophoenician woman tears grace from Jesus when he is not yet ready. Susan Listen
2012-07-22 The Tour de France and what it takes to really be a team member. Susan Listen
2012-07-01 Jesus includes us all, equally. Susan Listen
2012-05-20 Gods mission: Our mission David Copley Listen
2012-04-22 We are witnesses Susan Listen
2012-04-08 It's all about God Susan Listen
2012-03-25 Do this in remembrance of me, of Oscar, of Trayvon, of George and of Robert. Susan Listen
2012-03-11 Jesus overturns the Purity System - will we? Rev. Betsy Roadman Listen
2012-03-04 Jesus' message was radical when he preached it, and it is just as radical today. Robin Denney Text
2012-02-26 God cares for ALL of creation and ALL of us. Susan Listen
2012-02-22 Ash Wednesday: Can you get all the way down here, God? Susan Listen
2012-02-05 Who can suffer willingly? Only someone in love. Susan Listen
2012-01-29 Demons cannot stay in Jesus' presence. Susan Listen
2012-01-22 Get up Jonah. Get up people. God has work for us. This is what we have been doing in 2011. Now get up 2020 is coming fast. Susan Listen
2011-12-04 I want things to stay the way they are. It's liturgy and the temple that are important. Susan Listen
2011-11-20 It is not our ability or piety but our care for the least of these that endear us to God. Rev. Betsy Roadman Listen
2011-11-13 Let us not be afraid but be bold with what we have been given. Susan Listen
2011-11-06 What is baptism on this All Saints Sunday? Susan Listen
2011-10-23 Forgiveness - like we've never heard it before! Michael Lapsley Listen
2011-10-09 Christ Church - What are we? Susan Listen
2011-09-18 Gratitude and Growth in the face of Sadness. Susan Listen
2011-09-11 Rembering to Love. Susan Text
2011-08-21 Pebbles. Carole Johannsen Listen
2011-07-03 We have heavy burdens - so take on the yoke to make them light. Susan Listen
2011-06-12 Pentecost Service - Joint English-Spanish Celebration. Susan, Steel Passion and everyone else Listen
2011-06-05 What we believe about Jesus does not threaten anyone but living a faithful witness is threatening. Susan Listen
2011-05-29 Are you living the life that wants to live in you? Susan Listen
2011-05-22 You are a chosen race, .... God's own people. David Listen
2011-05-01 We can lock our doors but Jesus can still get in. Susan Listen
2011-04-24 Easter Day Entirely fearless, absurdly happy and always in trouble. Susan Listen
2011-04-10 Resurrected life; hard, time-consuming and the only way to live. Rev. Betsy Roadman Text
Stained Glass Window

RH panel of Baptistry Window. Holy Spirit, guardian angel with child and the young Samuel. 1950's style.