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Steel Passion Steel Drum Band

The steel drum band of Christ Church play in the "island" style of the Caribbean but range from calypso to pop and from jazz to classical. Steel Passion play at various parish events as well as professional gigs at restaurants and other venues.
          Watch them play Maragaritaville.
We very much welcome you to join us and participate in our ongoing and once-a-year events. Click here for more info.

Chancel Drama

Christ Church encourages congregational participation and the creative interpretation of our spirituality. One of the dynamic ways we express and nurture our faith is with our monthly Chancel Drama. The plays are dramatic, comedic, whimsical and provocative but always reflective of that Sunday's scriptural readings. Over the eight years of presentations, roughly a third of our adults and children have participated.

In chancel dramas this year we experienced the anguish of Woodrow Wilson's lost chance for world peace, the hope of Martin Luther King's dream, the plight of the women who witnessed the empty tomb, the humor that the blind see more than the sighted...among other stories. Click here to read a recent script.

Recently the New York Diocese recognized the Chancel Dramas at Christ Church and featured them in an Episcopal New Yorker article.

Chili Cook-off

Begun more than a quarter century ago by exiles from the Republic of Texas, the cookoff brings the parish and friends to give bragging rights for the year's best bowl of chili. Proceeds go not only to the parish but to help others world wide.

Texas in Tarrytown.
Mid-March each year

Come and join friends and cooks (or bring your own friends - we supply the cooks).
Taste dozens of chili's and pick the winner with bragging rights for the coming year.

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Clothing Closet

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Inspired by a need from the community and a closet in need of renovation - we now have The Clothing Closet, which each month fills racks with clothes that have been hidden in the closet waiting to be sold. Each Friday we take in newly donated clothes and sort, label and hang them ready for sale at the next month's sale. We have a lot of fun folding and preparing the clothes and are getting to know our 'regulars' who come each month to look for clothes.  

Programs for Teens

Read about our programs for children and youth here.

Altar Guild

Our worship depends on preparation of the necessary cups, plates and linens. The Altar Guild that "sets the table" week in and week out, as well as adorning the church with flowers and special displays for Christmas, Easter and other high holy days.


The choir leads our parish in song as well as performing more challenging solos during the service and special programs on Christmas, Easter and other major festivals.

Stained Glass Window

St. Catherine standing before Maxentius. Center panel from 1880-1890 work.