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Christ Episcopal Church
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Welcome to Christ Episcopal Church and San Marcos. Our river towns comprise a diverse community - we embrace this in all its forms as one of our strengths. Our worship is a joyful celebration of the truth that God loves us madly.

Our regular Sunday services are in English at 8 and 10 am and in Spanish at 12:30 pm. On special occasions we worship together in a festive "Spanglish" service. We are one community of faith that speaks two languages.

We celebrate the history and beauty of Washington Irving's home church. Founded in 1837, today Christ Church glows with the energy of a church family that strives to practice love for each other, our community, the nation and the world. We welcome you to join us for worship, classes, prayer, social events, and our other activities. Or just stop by to sit and reflect.

NO WORSHIP SERVICES in the church until at least July

All in-person church gatherings are cancelled.

video link worship services are available every day.
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                              Cover of 'Seeing my Skin' book.  

Peter and Rondesia Jarrett-Schell will join us
at 7:30 pm on Tuesday evening June 23rd,
for a discussion on the hidden ways in which systemic racism
and unconscious bias affect our lives and interactions.

Peter and Rondesia’s experiences -
including the story, shared widely on Facebook,
of a stop by police curious about the racially mixed inhabitants
of a car traveling to Florida
- put a personal, human face on the topics of the day.
Peter’s book, Seeing My Skin,
reflects his growing understanding of his Whiteness
and the unacknowledged privilege it carries.

The Zoom link for this conversation is
Zoom Link
Meeting ID 942 6205 0683
Password 773 568
Phone number to dial in is 929-436-2866

Life is short, and we do not have too much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel with us, so be quick to love and make haste to be kind
Henri-Frederic Amiel 1868

Stained Glass Window

St. Catherine window. RH panel from almost 1890